SABA Ballet aims to provide excellence and enjoyment in dance for a range of students, from entry level to those preparing for a professional career, and those who wish to enjoy dance as an ongoing form of recreation.

With positive reinforcement, encouragement and guidance SABA teachers aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere in which a student can explore their chosen dance genre and work at a level appropriate to each individual.

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  • Ballet

    Saba offers Ballet classes from dancing dots (ages 2+) to pre professional.

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  • Contemporary

    At Saba we offer both NZAMD syllabus contemporary and open classes.

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  • Jazz

    With fun popular music, Saba Jazz classes offer a great way to get dancing!

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  • Hip Hop

    At SABA you can choose from a mix of open work and the NZAMD hip hop syllabus.

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  • Acrobatics

    Saba Acro classes offer a combination of Acrobatics and simple dance moves.

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  • Tap

    Learn Tap from Dancing with the Stars legend Kristie Williams.

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  • Lyrical

    Explore this fluid and lyrical style of dance at Saba.

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  • My daughter started dancing with Saba as a Dancing Dot. 5 years later and she is loving every single minute of dancing with Saba. She is normally an anxious child but with the confidence ballet has given her, you wouldn’t know it to meet her today. The teachers and other pupils are all so supportive and encouraging. From lessons, to exams and stage shows - the limits are endless.
  • My kids love SABA! Attending ballet is the highlight of their week - both my daughter and son love their teacher and always come out of class buzzing. As a parent, I love that the class sizes are at a level where they can provide guidance to each individual and the level of professional knowledge all the teachers have about developing not only a lifelong passion for dance but also providing a great programme that will set them up if they want to take dancing further in the future.
  • Our two daughters have both been dancing with SABA since they were preschoolers. The SABA teachers have fostered such a strong love of dance in them. The girls have enjoyed the variety of classes on offer and they have always been encouraged to not only progress their skills but also try new things and do their best. This has given them a great confidence in all aspects of their lives. SABA sets high standards but also provides a friendly and welcoming environment.
    Emma H
  • Great new location at 382/386 Manakau Rd. I especially like being able to drop off the kids safely. Designated parking is fantastic to stop in an view the girl's lessons through enormous studio windows. Amazing teachers who really enjoy their roles.

    Rachel Smith