Who can join SABA?

Any child aged between 2 and pre professional! Experience or no experience SABA has a range of classes suitable to suit any young dancer.

Can boys join?

YES! YES! YES! We have a number of boys attending classes from Classical Ballet, Contemporary to Hip hop and Jazz! Dance is for both boys and girls.

How much does each class cost?

This depends on the timeframe of the class - please see fees section. We also offer discounts for family members and for those doing four or more genres.

When is the best time to join?

For pre school aged children any time in term one two or three. For older term one is ideal. Our year is split up into sections and we are working towards exams (term three) and concert (term four) Alternatively term two you can start or straight after our examinations in term three. Term four is closed off to all new enrolments as our focus is on the concert!

What happens if I am sick?

Unfortunately we don't offer make up classes however if you are sick or injured and it prevents you attending more then three classes a credit is applied to your account on receipt of a doctors or physio note.

Do you offer trial classes?

YES! You are most welcome to come along and trial a free class before committing. In most classes we offer the same class but with a different teacher to try and cater for all learning styles. You are most welcome to come along and trial more then one to get the right fit for your childs learning needs.

How do I enrol?

Please email emma@saba.co.nz or fill out our enrolment form .

Do you have classes during school holidays?

Generally no however in the second week of the Term two/three holidays we offer a graded seminar intensive for all those sitting examinations to really be able to polish their work. We also hold a Summer Intensive during Janurary to kick start the year!

Can I talk too a teacher after class?

Our classes generally run back to back which means teachers don't have a lot of turn around time. We use a system called movitae which is free to sign up to and means you can contact your teacher through there. Alternatively you can email emma@saba.co.nz and I can get you in touch with your teacher.